Friday, April 21, 2006

Busy day

Today was a wonderfully busy day! First thing this morning, we went to a play date with some other triplet families. Our friend who also has BBB triplets was finally able to come this time. Her boys just turned a year old last month, so they're close in age to Wyatt, Luke and Jaxon.

Our six and another little guy are not walking around yet, so they just hung out around a big basket of toys and a wagon that was close by. They really played well together -not always sharing- but they checked each other out. Touching each others faces, then giving and taking away toys back and forth, back and forth.

Before today, the boys would stay on the blanket, no way would they even let their feet touch the grass, holding feet high above the grass blades. But today they saw the older kids running around and all the cool toys out there, it motivated them a bit. They ALL were on the grass in no time and off to bigger and better things. Luke was particularly fond of this here wagon, Wyatt enjoyed his first taste of rocks, I had to take him back to grassy areas a few times. Jaxon was content going any place, he'd go from the blanket, to the wagon, to the blocks and back to the blanket.

After we got home, they took a nice l o n g nap. When they got up, Don and I were working on the yard (will the yard work ever end?) so we brought them out back to play in the sand and water table. No sand today, just water was enough for them! As you can see, Jaxon LOVED to splash!!

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