Thursday, April 13, 2006

Catch up

Well, I can not believe it is already Thursday! Let me catch you up. Don and his buddy from work laid sod in the back yard in preparation for all the company coming in May. (for the boys BIRTHDAY!) The sod order was too short, and we have ordered more that we just put in today. Looks nice so far and we have been watering it like crazy. But it driving the dogs crazy because they won't poop unless they are in the back yard. Maybe it freaks them out me yelling, go potty, GO POTTY! They prefer the privacy I guess.
Oh, I bet you want to hear about the kids. We tried Jello (orange flavored)yesterday after lunch. They all liked the taste, but were not sure how to go about holding it. Wyatt kept smashing his in his hand like the Hulk or something and Luke kept touching it and watching it jiggle a bit. Jax wasn't so keen on touching it at first, but liked it fed to him. Luke is starting to get his balance when he stands up. Like letting go of things and stands! I can't believe how fast they are growing. Today at Costco some woman had a 1 month old over her shoulder and it made me realize how tiny they used to be!!!! Speaking of Costco, we now put the boys sitting in the front of the shopping carts instead of their car seats in the carts.

They love all over each other and play real cute with hands inside the others mouths and whatnot. It is so awesome to watch them play together, cuter than puppies even.:)

We FINALLY got mini dvds for the camcorder again. Now we can make sure we capture these cute moments on camera, like the EASTER BUNNY picture we got taken tonight. We really don't expect much from the people who do the pics, but both this time and the Santa pics we did in VA are great and the people really gave it an honest try. It's surprising how accommodating they try to be. The pic turned out well, all the boys are looking at the camera. Jax was getting kinda wary of the bunny after the picture was taken, glad he didn't check him out too much ahead of time or we could've had a classic screaming baby shot. By the way, that is Wyatt on the left, then Jax and then Luke. Not on purpose, just happened to be in the abc order.