Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Learned 2 things today

Well, I just put the boys down for their second nap of the days and WHEW! They have learned two things today that gives me a peek at what's coming. The first trick... I try to stretch out the time between naps so they take longer naps, instead of only 45 mins. Well, they are all fed and undressed playing in the living room until time for bottle and nap. The boys are being a bit more vocal today, and not in the happy way. Then I realize BAM they are mocking each other. One hears one cry and then tries to cry and see the reaction. Sometimes one will just try the "fake" cry just to see if anyone notices. So I am trying to downplay the reaction to (fake)crying by laughing at the faker now, in a giggle laugh to disctract, but it feels very unnatural and doesn't quite seem the right answer. I will have to get Don's input on this when he witnesses this himself.

The second lesson today... All the boys play this game with each other when they are close together, whether standing, laying, or eating. They put their fingers on the others face and usually ends up in a mouth where one will gum or bite the hand until the finger person has had enough. This is usually VERY cute, the giggles are sweet and it's cute to see them play. Well, Luke was playing this game with Jaxon, both of them standing and holding on to a toy. Luke has his little fingers on Jax's face and in his mouth and I see Luke tug a bit to get his finger out of Jax's mouth. He takes it out and stop and ....cries. He was bit. It is the first official bite. Hopefully they forgot it and won't happen again for a LONG time, but I know we are on borrowed time now.