Monday, April 24, 2006

NICU Party

Dr Leitner, Don and Dr Asidifar with the kids.

This past Saturday, the hospital where the boys were born had a "birthday" party for all the families who have had their babies in the NICU. It was pretty neat to see so many of the people we met while our boys were growing and waiting to come home!

Lucas & Gemma, one of the wonderful nurses who took care of them. So many beautiful babies, and to know that only a few Doctors (and a few handfuls of nurses)are directly responsible for the fact that all of us had our babies AT ALL. So many many thanks to you out there in the medical field! It is people like you that make the happiness in my life possible!

The Doctors, our family and a family we became friends with in the hospital. They have a older daughter and also BBB triplets. We have kept in touch this past year and it has been very helpful for me to have a supportive friend going through such similar circumstances. SO THANK YOU, CATHY!