Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween Don and I wanted to try something different. In Nevada, we celebrate Nevada day (the day Nevada became a state-which happens to be Oct 31st) with a day off school. With our year pass to Lego Land, we thought that may be a great way to spend our Halloween weekend this year.

We got an amazing deal with a hotel right next to Lego Land because of a timeshare presentation, packed a bunch of food for the trip and headed to California! I didn't get many pictures, and most of the ones I did get are blurry (!) but we did have a great time.

On the way out to Carlsbad, we stopped in Irvine where a fellow triplet mom had invited us to stay with her for a night. Michelle has 5 boys! That made for one exciting visit! All eight boys got along lost in the world of matchbox cars and boy toys. Michelle's husband Matt set up a tent for our boys to sleep in, and they were just in fun heaven!

The next day was a breakfast at Rudy's Diner and off to Lego Land we went.

Dressed up their Halloween costumes, the boys loved hearing people comment on their Super Hero-ness. Some funny moments happened when the boys would see other people (especially a grown man) dressed as super heroes. Their reactions were priceless, as was one little girl dressed in a silver and pink Super Girl costume when she saw all the Super boys. They all felt a Super Hero connection -and it was priceless.

What fun would Lego Land be without riding their favorite rides? And of course, there was plenty of Trick or Treating at Lego Land. The whole weekend was a great time for us to get to spend some much needed fun time together.

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