Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This and That

The boys are still loving sunglasses. This weekend when we went shopping, the Children's Place had these funky aviation ones for 99 cents which I thought Don would get a kick out of. It is amazing how all three boys have a totally different look with them on. Jax is a little more nerd/ maybe police man, Wyatt looks like a little Elvis, and Lucas has the Brad Pitt thing going on -when he puts the glasses on right side up, anyhow.

We are having issues with bulling today; LOTS of pushing and hitting with their cars. Jax still has his boo-boo on his forehead, we are going on TWO months now. He is listening better and keeping the band aids on 80% of the time when he sleeps, so hopefully he should be healed up soon, with no damage done.

Lucas loves to preface things he is going to do with saying "ready" but coming out more like "reb-ee". This pertains to going down the slide, throwing cars, or sliding a match box car down the stair railing. Either way, it means look out!

Wyatt surprised us tonight when Don was signing the alphabet. He was able to name most of the letters that Don signed to him! We had known he knew a,b,and c, but the fact that he knew so many more was just amazing to us!

Baby Reagan is back! The boys were so excited to see her the other day when Nana walked through the door with the car seat. I think she was just in awe of so many little people around her, but the boys were really good with her. We just have to remind them not to touch her hair/ face/ head. They just keep pointing at her and touching, saying "bay-bee, bay-bee Rae-rae". Here is a video for her parents to see the loving she gets when she is here. This is actually the boys giving her space.

School is starting and Michael, Cathryn and Matthew have headed back out to their home in California. The boys are going to miss their big cousins! This is Michael making them laugh...


Cathy said...

Very cute post! I love seeing all of their different personalities shine through. I can't believe our babies aren't so much babies anymore.

Teresa said...

They are all so adorable. I love the sunglasses. My boys put theirs on and do the "thumbs up" and say COOL!

tiedyemom said...

Oh Laura, you and Don are so incredibly blessed! You boys are so beautiful. Thank you for doing such a terrific job of sharing your family with all of us. We so enjoy coming and reading your blog regularly. And, Cayden thanks you again for the wonderful MOVIES that he loves to watch over and over and over again! ;)

Michele S said...

I absolutely LOVE your hair! It looks really great!

Okay, now I have to go read what you've been up to.

Michele S said...

Okay, I'm back. I just read the part where Don walked the boys without a stroller and they held hands and walked with him. Well you know Greg taught ours to walk together like that right after they turned two. HE did it. They would have never done it for me. So have Don keep doing that and he'll break them in for ya!