Sunday, August 26, 2007

Family Resemblance

Due to an unfortunate incident involving Jaxon, my camera, and the tiled entry way- there will be no little movies until further notice.

Everyday we see so many similarities between the boys and their cousins. Jaxon is so much like Davey (Don's nephew). He finds so much joy in everything he does. Tonight he was lying on the couch sliding slowly to the ground, and just that simple act made him laugh so hard and long we had to wonder if we missed something funny that had happened. The same thing happened today when we were in the car. Jaxon found a whistle they have played with many times before, but this time he managed to get it to blow. He thought it was so funny he was unable to blow the whistle again since he couldn't stop giggling. Jaxon does this full blown smile and his little face looks JUST like Davey, minus the brown eyes (Jax's are blue).

Lucas, on the other hand is sometimes the spitting image of one of Don's other nephews, Matthew. Not only can we see the similarity in parts of his face, but his mannerisms sometimes just scream Matthew at us. Luke loves to look things through all the way, making sure he leaves nothing unturned. He finds the quirkiest things funny, which we totally adore -and wouldn't see the humor in if not for his laugh. He loves to shock us, whether by hiding and scaring us, or just by being naughty. Luke's little eyes have the same twinkle Matthew has and he really seems to share so many of Matthew's qualities.

We can't pinpoint who Wyatt resembles. When he was just a baby, we couldn't get over how much he looked like Don's Grandpa (on his mom's side). Now that he is a bit older, I look for ways to see who he resembles now. His little scrappy personality reminds me of my nephew Michael, ready to tackle anyone and thinks he is stronger than Superman himself, while chuckling and screaming like he is riding a roller coaster. Wyatt is a crazy kid, he laughs at himself and is so ready for an adventure. When we are worn out from playing with him, he is always asking for "moe" (more) because even though his little heart is beating so fast and he is on the verge of wheezing, he is not done with us yet.

These boys just FILL MY HEART more than I ever thought possible. They drive me crazy with their total oblivion to why they can not push or throw toys at each other, and then melt my heart when I go to adjust someones shirt and I hear, "tank you Momma". It is so awesome to see them act like their cousins who all have such good hearts and wonderful sense of humors.

No new pictures today, but I will leave you with an oldie but goodie...


Wendi said...

Look how much they looked alike back then!

Cathy said...

See, I am not the only one who thought that Laura! They truly looked identical back then! Cuties!