Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

Ahh this is the stuff weekends should be made of! Friday night Don and I snuck off for a "date night" thanks to my Mom babysitting the boys. Dinner was at Yolies. The owner is a client of Don's and this is the second time she invited us there on the house. The food is amazing and the service was wonderful with about 4 or 5 different waiters attending to every need. We had such a nice time catching up and relaxing, Don even had a couple beers and he finished off my cocktail. Afterwards we went our for dessert and more drinks (for Don). I can not stress how much this date night helped, even though we didn't know we needed it.

Saturday Don took the boys out to meet his partner Albert for breakfast. He said they did great and had no problems! I went to Einstein bagels (ALONE) and actually got to eat while thumbing through a magazine!! I have no recollection of the last time I felt relaxed enough to leisurely eat and read at the same time. Had to be before the boys were born :) Then we went to a strip mall where I ran in and did some shopping while Don WALKED the boys to the pet store to keep them busy. No stroller, wagon or anything. He had them holding hands with each other to cross the streets and they totally behaved for him. It makes me wonder if they smell fear on me, hah.

That night my Mom invited us for dinner and all five of the boys (Mike and Matt are still out here) just had a blast playing together. Don set up a telescope he brought over for the boys and then we took Michael back to our house where Don and he played the PlayStation till all hours.

This morning we took an impromptu trip out to the Primm outlet stores and did a bit of shopping. That place has gotten much busier then they used to be and in turn they opened many more stores! The boys had a blast running around (read- not in wagon or stroller). Who knew how long kids could keep busy jumping off 3 inch platforms or hiding behind little pillars? On the 30 minute drive home they kept themselves busy by making it "rain" with raspberries and playing with their sunglasses (aka "eyes") before they fell asleep.

(You see where Jaxon's arm is? Thank goodness it was a clean diaper!) After nap time was over, we took a trip out to Nana's house to say good bye to Mike and Matthew since they go home tomorrow. We are all going to miss the kids since they start school soon. Between the three of them, they have been here non stop all summer! The boys have grown very attached to them and love then dearly! It was a great weekend, every minute the boys were up were packed with fun things, and when they slept, Don and I hung out and caught up, too. What more could I ask for?


Wendi said...

You guys look FANTASTIC!!!! I LOVE your new color!!!

The Brookharts said...

Thanks for the note on my blog. Jamie and I are going on a date night tomorrow! I'm so, so excited. Especially after reading about your date night!

tiedyemom said...

Laura, your new hairdo is GORGEOUS! I love the color. That picture of you and Don is priceless! :)