Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day to Day

This weekend we have just been hanging out mostly at home. Yesterday we went out for dinner and afterwards stopped by Brent and Jessica's house and made plans to meet up with them again this morning. Luke has opened a bit with Jessica, even attempting to say her name last night when we left. I think it has connected in his head that those are Reagan's parents.

Not much is new around here. The boys are still learning more words everyday, and talking so much. They are working on their colors, but everything seems to be the color "ya-yo". When we are in the car and stopped at a red light, Jaxon and Lucas will demand that we go. "Go, go dada, GO!" So we are trying to show them the red light and how it turns green, but they haven't grasped it yet. But we can't help but smile when they tell us to go when we are stopped at the red lights.

Their sense of humor is awesome. Tonight we had the tv on while they were eating and Shaun the Sheep was on Disney. IF you are not familiar with the show, they are 30 second to 5 minute clips of the farmer, his sheep and the dog. Here is a link to get an idea. Well, the boys were quiet and watching the show, laughing at the funny parts! They laugh all the time, but as far as what they laugh at, that is up in the air. Jaxon loves body noises (charming, I know) and that will always make him laugh, but it seemed so mature for them to be laughing at a wordless show.

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McNamara said...

My two LOVE Shauney The Sheep as they call it. They come running no matter where they are in the house and completely get excited about Shauney. It's something else that a one minute blurb of something will hold attention like that, isn't it?
Love to you all!!