Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy Sunday Morning

Today has already been a bit of a hectic day. The plan was that when Don woke up, he would run to Einstein's and grab some bagels and paninis for breakfast and be back in time for the boys to wake up and then we'd get ready for church.

Don was up at 6 and as he was telling me was leaving now, Jaxon -in his early morning glory- woke up and I asked Don to take Jax with him. They got back soon enough, but the other two didn't wake up until almost 8. Church starts at 8:30. We don't like waking them up. They are GRUMPY and whiny when we wake them up. Plus we knew we would be dropping them off at the nursery (and they usually cry) and it would've made it worse with them being whiny on top of them feeling abandoned.

So we rushed once they woke up. And WE got grumpy and snappish. Go figure. Dropping the kids off at the nursery went fine, Wyatt gave kisses and high- fives and we were on our way.

After church we ran to Walmart. The Walmart by our house is brand spanking new and is like a dream since it is never crowded. The boys ran around like banshees and after too much struggling with them to stay close, we decided today would not be a good day for Costco. Luke sat in the backseat on the way home and in a very high pitched, whining voice he would repeat, "I want to go to Costco. I want to go to Costco".

Finally, I distracted them with the idea of getting out the pool when we got home. The hose water was so cold, that Don added hot water from the sink to make it more enjoyable. The boys (Dad included) played in the pool for a while. Once the boys wanted to kick in the water, Don took that cue as his time to get out and the boys stayed in for quite a bit longer.

Why is it that I gave the boys the instructions NOT too pee in the pool, pee in the grass if needed, and they listen? But pee-pee goes in the potty is still foreign to them?


Michele S said...

OMG! I just almost peed my pants of the picture of Don in the kiddy pool. HYSTERICAL! Uhm, yes, you could probably go a little BIGGER!

And men like to pee outside. I actually potty trained Austin in the grass!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

and how come when you want them to sleep in, they're up at 5 am but when you want them up earlier...they sleep in? Yes, the pool picture with Don is hilarious.