Sunday, June 01, 2008

Birthday Party

Wow! We had almost 60 people at our house yesterday! The weather was great, food was yummy and people were everywhere. The boys were a bit shy when the BBQ began, but after about an hour they warmed up and started hanging out with the guests.

The boys faces just lit up when they heard everyone singing Happy Birthday to them. Just huge eyes and big smiles when they realized it was for them. Priceless. They all blew out the candles and then cake and ice cream were served. They only opened a few presents last night and LOVED what they have gotten so far.

It was a late night though, Jeff and Renee stayed and hung out in the backyard with us and we had a chance to catch up. Before they left we spent about a half hour playing with the helium tank, blowing up more balloons for the kids and making the kids laugh with helium voices. I think ours ended up going to bed close to 11 last night. But even after they went to bed, Don and I just sat and talked about how great of a time WE had. Our only regret being we had only taken a bout a dozen pictures total. (So if you have some, email them to me please!)

Just about everyone we invited came and shared the evening with us. We had friends from Don's work, Don's high school, my family and blog friends, with a few friends I have known for many years. The day couldn't have gone better for us and the high of a good night with our friends is still lingering.

Thank you everyone that came and celebrated with us. Not only did the boys have a great time and get to see all the people who are a part of them, but Don and I really had a good time with so many friends and family there.


Brooklyn said...

Happy Birthday Boys! Sounds like the party was a blast! Wish I could have brought my twins to meet your boys since they are fairly close in age. Too bad we live so far away. I'm glad you had such a special day!

laraine said...


Thanks for having us. We had a really fun time. The boys had a blast also - they didn't want to leave.

I saw your comment on my site. I would love to get together with you at the gym. The playroom is not open yet in the SW location but I was told today that it should be opne later this week.

I'll be back from New York on the 19th of June. Maybe we can get together after that and work something out!. The boys can all hang out at the playroom together while we work out.

Heather said...

I so wish we could have been there. I miss those boys so much!!! KISS KISS KISS

Anonymous said...


I wish we could have been there to celebrate, maybe next year if we can swing those pesky schedules.

I miss you all terribly and still hope to see you very soon!

Love you tons!