Monday, June 09, 2008

Little Fishes

Last night I was chatting with Mom on the phone. She said she was heating her pool up a little to take the chill off and asked if I'd like to being the boys over for a swim this morning. Aunt Leigha would even be there to help us have a great adult to child ratio! Sounded like a plan.

The boys loved it! Even with the bright floaties on his little arms, Luke clung to the top step of the pool. He would just keep throwing Belle (our dog) her toy, watching her jump in the pool to retrieve it. The only thing that could make him move was when Nana brought out the little floats we have had sitting in her garage for the past few years. Once on a float, he loved to be pushed through the water like a little speed boat, laughing and yelling, "faster!"

Jaxon was a little wild man in his float. He first was kicking wildly trying to get his float to move, but soon figured out how to coordinate his kicking with leaning to go in the direction that he wanted. Jax also knows how to hold on to the pool edge and can make it around most of the pool hand over hand. When he would feel especially brave he would tell me he wanted to float, and I would hold his head against my shoulder and let him try to keep his little body up. He has a long way to go, but I am so proud of him for trying to learn how to swim.

Wyatt was just to tired to want to do much. Those late night trips to our room are starting to really slow him down. His little eyes were so tired and he just laid his head on Nana's shoulder while she walked around the pool. Every once in a while he would see the fun his brothers were having and decide he was up for some fun as well. But not long after, he would be back to cuddling.

I brought them home, thinking for sure I would get a nap until 5 pm. Not nearly so lucky! Luke got up to go potty and stepped on Jax, who of course was laying on the floor between his and Luke's bed. Jax cried and between the crying and Lucas getting up, it was enough to wake up Wyatt. After Luke went to the bathroom I was able to quietly get them to put their heads down, but not even ten minutes later Wyatt came out with a stinky diaper. Needless to say, they were up after less than a two hour nap.

So back to swimming we went, this time with Daddy joining us! We had just as much fun the second time around and Don got to see the boys in action. Both of us feel much more comfortable with the boys n the water this year. I always thought I would have serious water babies, but Don and I have been so cautious in the past about bringing them in the pool. With them out numbering us, we just never felt comfortable enough to have fun swimming with them.

On the way home Don asked me if I was tired. Surprisingly, I wasn't. It occurred to me that even with keeping tabs on the boys swimming, and all the clothes changes, and being out of the house all day, and a shorter nap time, I felt better than I had in a while. Since they were busy swimming today, they had less time to argue and bother each other. Less time to fight over which car is theirs or less time to hit each other then run like the dickens. Even though we were busy today, it was a really good day, a really happy day.

The only thing that could possibly top a day like today off, would be if the boys would be in bed by 8pm. And they were! A perfect day all around.

Now only if they would sleep later than 7am...

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Anonymous said...

That does sound like a great day! Give those water bugs kisses from me, please!
Love you!