Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random Chatter

After weeks and weeks of being driven to get the house ready for the boys birthday party, Don and I are left with nothing to do. The swing set is up. Sandbox looks good. Grass transplanted. But is dying because the sprinklers weren't spraying right. So we fixed the sprinklers last night. Quarter round is about 80% of the way done. Now it is too hot to get the saw out and cut.

So maybe there are some things left to do, but no motivation. :)

So today while the kids are napping I have cleaned out 4gb of space on my hard drive. I have tagged every file and photo that I had waiting to be unzipped. There's productive for ya!

Wyatt has been making his way into our room at night. Last night I put the little monkey back in his room two times between the times of midnight and 4 am. This morning Don woke up at 6 since he was not feeling well. He noticed the boys door was wide open and went to check on them. No Wyatt. Not on the floor, in his brothers beds. Wyatt was not in his room. On his way to get me, Don found Wyatt. He was in between two pillows on the floor of our room.

Needless to say, Wyatt has been a tired mess this morning, but went out like a log at nap time.

Jax doesn't stay in his bed either. Most of the time when we check on the kids, he is sleeping at the bottom half of Luke's bed. Bent in half, his feet on the ground and his upper body lying across below Luke's feet. I am not quite sure how or why he ends up this way, but it is precious.

Luke, on the other hand, stays in bed. Even when the other two are getting out of bed causing trouble, Luke is in bed, covers up high and thumb in mouth. Bed time or just nap time he always tells me, "No night-night, Mom". Yet he is generally the first one asleep.

Yesterday we went to the LVMOMS picnic. The boys had a blast, slurping down as much watermelon that Don would let them and playing on the huge playground they had there. Luckily the play area was shaded, so we were able to stay longer than we initially thought we would. It was nice catching up with all the moms and meeting some new ones. So many new babies, too. Aside from the eggs gone bad, we had a good day.

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Brooklyn said...

OMG the three naked rear ends photo is a classic! I love it!

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm sure taking your triplets to the store has got to be harder than my twins. It seems like every single time we leave any store I am on the verge of tears or I'm swearing under my breath from complete frustration. There's too many tempting things to play with at the store for toddlers. My husband is gone so much that I have to take them with me most of the time so I try to go as few times as possible. I think our entire Christmas was purchased over the internet! LOL!