Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He better run!

Today Don and I were standing in the kitchen, having fun, but being a bit tongue in cheek about it.

Don asked if I noticed what he did in the kitchen today before he went to work.

I looked around, the only unusual things being the stove and counter tops were crumb and dish free, thanks to the scrubbing I gave the kitchen this afternoon.

"Uh, no." hmmm Looking and looking again, I came up with nothing. Uh oh

"I took the beer bottles and put them in the garage fridge."

He is talking about the left overs from the boys party. The ones he took out of the fridge and left on the counter the other night. Big deal.
With a smart ass grin he tells me, "See, I get no appreciation."

He is mocking me.

Two can play this.

"Did you happen to notice what I did in the kitchen today?" I ask him.

Don acknowledges the clean counter top and that the stove is unusually clean.
But points out it is MY mess from cooking dinner on the stove, so I should have had to clean it.

Then he ran.


Anonymous said...

I can so sympathize with that! We go through the same thing in our house, when "he" does something, it's this big deal, when I do it, it's my job! You're great and I'm sure the stove and counter top look fantastic!
Good job girl!

Love you!

My name is Tammie said...

Ugh men. Sigh, they just aren't as smart as women. ;)