Monday, June 02, 2008

Lazy Day

Yesterday we took our much needed lazy day and just hung out at the house. In the true spirit of being lazy we went to Einstein Bagels for breakfast, followed by coming home and doing nothing. Nothing consisted of Don blowing up balloons (to achieve true laziness he used the air compressor) and letting out the air while we watched the boys trying to catch them. Around the room the balloons would fly -around the room the boys would run, giggling all the while.

After naps the we packed up the car and headed over to Nana and Pops house for dinner. She was making lots of pasta and invited us to join them. After dinner it was time to swim! The boys lo9ve going in the pool over there. Well, not really the pool. It is 75 degrees and a bit chilly still, so we have been staying in the jacuzzi after it heats up enough to take the chill off.

Wyatt is actually blowing out while his head is under water, so he is getting braver each time he is in the water. Luke is still a bit scared and eventually relaxes each time, but is tense and at square one at the beginning. Jaxon is undecided. He tries to float on his back and will hold on, but I give him credit for trying. Don likes to let the boys jump to him, and will let their heads go a bit under to get them used to it. So sometimes when Jax wants to play that way, he goes to Don. If not, he clings to me. But Wyatt is all about swimming with Don. That kid has no fear.

It was a nice family day and it was hard for Don to go back to work today. The boys miss him and keep asking where he is and then talk about him being on the truck. We had a great weekend and the lazy day was a good ending to it.

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Heather said...

Wow, for a lazy day you sure did do alot. We have lazy days here too, need them sometimes.