Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Lately vodka is a much requested drink in my house. Yup, vodka. Neither Don or I drink much. Maybe twice a year, if that. Although I am seeing the desire to drink is definitely going up as the boys are getting older, and I am sure that is no coincidence.

Anyhow, a couple weeks ago I was drinking soda from a huge fast food cup. We don't let the boys drink soda and they kept whining because they wanted my drink. Finally I told them that they don't want it. "It tastes yucky." Trying to think of a yucky drink, the first thing that popped into my jumbled mind was vodka. "It's vodka" I told them.

A few days later, Lucas was drinking out of his plastic zoo cup and told me, "I got vocka". Of course he was referring to his plastic cup, not what was inside it. Monkey see, monkey do is how it happens around here. In no time all three are talking about their "vocka" and " I want more vocka, Mommy". So now it is not unusual to hear once or twice a day, " I want some vocka, Mom".

Juvenile humor, I know. But it makes us laugh.


Annie said...

Ha ha ha!! I love that. You'd better keep a close eye on those three!

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I'm not excited to hear you say you need more and more as the boys get older. I was hoping the worst was behind me! Ugh!!

Joselle said...

haha! The other day I was eating candy (those sugary fruit slices) and the trio was whining for them. I finally told them no because they were alcoholic and Drew gave me the bad mommy look!