Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PreGym Day 1

Today was the boys first day of their gym class. It is basically the exact same thing as the Totnastics class we took at the end of last year, but this time they go in without me.

About two days ago, I started prepping them. I told them we were going to do "Ta-da" classes again (that is what they called Totnastics when we went). But this time, Mommy was going to watch them. Again, today in the car on the way to the class I told them they have (said with big happy voice) "such a nice teacher and she was going to help them do somersaults and jump and swing from the bars". Made it sound all sorts of fun and exciting all the while my stomach was turning and I was worried they would scream or cry.

Once we got inside we waiting for a bit while sitting next to Michele and her crew. I think it helped that they recognized their friends and their friends weren't freaking out, so they didn't either. The teacher called them in and I told the boys I would wait right here for them and they could see me through the window. And in they went. No tears, no coming back for a hug, kiss or to give me five. They just did it.

Jaxon loved the class. The entire time he totally participated with a huge smile on his face. He did exactly what he was told, grabbed the ribbons, ran around the room and did all the exercises. Wyatt looked back at me a lot. But he kept on doing what he needed to do. Once or twice the teacher held his hand to guide him through what they were doing, but he did pretty well and I know he enjoyed himself, too. Lucas on the other hand, didn't seem to be that keen on taking directions. He would be where he needed to be, but didn't do the floor exercises or running without serious guidance. I am not sure if he is shy or just doesn't love to be told what to do, but it could've been much worse and hopefully he will get more into it as the weeks go by.

I was so proud of the boys today. The fact that they went in okay and didn't come out until the class was over was huge. They have made one more step towards growing up and they did it so well.

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Michele S said...

They did really well! I can't believe how well they did! It's a big milestone. They will totally be ready for preschool now!