Monday, September 10, 2007


Today was the first day of Totnastics for the boys. It is supposed to be a mommy and me class, but obviously it is more like a 1/3 of me for each child. The boys did well, no freak outs or anything, and they seemed to enjoy themselves the more the class went on. Tasking is definitely a new concept to them and is something I will have to work on this week. They've never done anything organized, so as far as doing what they were supposed to be doing... they could use some practice.

The teacher, Vanessa helped me out and "adopted" a kid as she could tell I needed a hand and the kids needed some direction. She said they did really well on the one-one with her. I was thankful to hear that, but it made me really sad to think how they are missing out on all the praise I would be able to give them if it was just me and one, instead of me kinda watching while I made sure the others were doing okay.

While I was dwelling over this in the car, feeling all sad for the kids (and myself) that they didn't get the one on one they surely deserve, Wyatt and Luke started grabbing each others arm and annoying each other. I reached back and held Wyatt's hand still so he couldn't bother Luke anymore and Wyatt started whining because he wanted his hand free. After I let go, Wyatt was still whining at the injustice of it all, so Luke reached over and put his little hand on Wyatt's leg, just patting it lightly with his little fingers. All the while telling him, "k, Wy-wy, k".

So even though it hurts me that I can not give my children 100% of my attention most of the time, I know that they do get extra loves from each other, and that makes it a bit easier to swallow. Right now that tiny bit helps me feel a little better and hopefully by the time they get up from their nap, I will have forgotten how much it bothered me this morning.

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Cathy said...

Laura, for every thing that we feel we are not able to provide them they are getting back 3 times as much in other ways. An only child, or even children different ages, are missing out on what our trios have to offer each other. I think the good outweighs the bad! Would I recommend having three at one time- heck no!- but it's so fun to watch them play together. Leigha didn't have that, she JUST had us. They have each other and us!