Thursday, September 27, 2007

Catch up!

I can't believe it is just about Friday! This week has been pretty trying over here. Don and I have been sick, as well as the boys, so patience has been running low and the boys have been picking up on that. Today I finally realized that the reason they were acting out is because I haven't been a very happy Mommy lately and they were acting like Mommy. OUCH. So back to smiles and encouragement and I know I learned a lesson this time around. Poor little guys.

The boys have been keeping busy by playing outside just about everyday this week. The weather has been fabulous and we are enjoying it as much as possible.
Here is a video taken Monday after nap time. Just in case I was wondering, the boys are showing me that even though they have only had two totnastic classes so far, they are learning to keep their balance.

This next video is of Wyatt saying his alphabet to Don. It is hard to catch the first few letters, but the rest comes out pretty well. Hopefully I can get a better one soon.

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