Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wyatt's first bedtime stall

Yesterday I went to put the boys up for their nap and was kissing them all good night. Wyatt stands up in his crib, looks at me while scrunching his little face up and says "ewww- ka-ka" (Writing that down makes me think we should teach them the word poop). I looked at him and asked, "you went ka-ka?" and he made a face like he smelled yucky. So I turned him around to check his diaper and found nothing, he didn't even stink! So I looked at him, with his face all scrunched and realized he was playing me! "You don't stink and you didn't go ka-ka" to which he responded with laughing at me. Stinker!

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Mel said...

This is going to sound very strange, and has nothing to do with your post (although it is quite funny)
We had new neighbors move into our neighborhood (last month? The month before? Sometime in there)
Well, somehow it's happened that they are never home when I'm home, but the other day my 12 year old swears she saw them loading three or four babies into their car. I saw that HOM forum you have a link to. Would you mind (although it would be terribly strange!) asking if anyone on there has relocated in Tucson recently?