Sunday, September 16, 2007

Farm Fun

A couple days a week Don works in a more rural area of Las Vegas. A few of his customers have a horse or two and one family even invited Don to bring the family out to their house so the boys could see the animals.

The weather today was beautiful -a nice break from the 100 degree weather we have been having lately- so we decided it would be the day to accept the invitation. The boys really enjoyed themselves! They had horses, chickens, ducks, and a goat to name a few animals we saw.

First Judy (the nice lady who invited us) showed the boys one of her chickens, then we moved over to the ducks. While we were walking over to the goat (named Freedom), the ducks all flew out and landed over in her pool for a swim. After the goat was put away, Judy led us to the back where she had 4 horses and 2 ponies!

Even though the horses were HUGE (but beautiful) the boys were so excited to see a real live horse ( or "nay" as they called them). Jax was even so brave as to feed one named Jackie, who we were told was a 3 time world champion. It was an awesome morning, full of so many new things for the boys to see - they even got to sit in a little tractor! What a fun experience for all of us!

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Michele S said...

That is really cool that the boys got to see those things! It's really hard to teach your kids about farms when you live in LV!!!