Monday, October 01, 2007

Music Men

Since we had the endless trail of kids coming through our house this past summer, we have all become big fans of the Disney channel. The boys love Saturday mornings when Don makes them a huge breakfast of eggs, hash browns, and sausage while the theme song from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is playing on the tv.

Disney on Saturday mornings has turned to watching Disney channel every time the television is on. Don and I now choose Hannah Montana over Jerry Seinfeld (seriously) for our evening relaxing time. All this has only enhanced our listening to the Disney Radio station in the car. The Jonas Brothers, Allie and AJ, Hannah Montana are all favorites, but what really gets the boys rocking out in the backseats...
The "Crazy Frog" (huge smiles on their faces when they hear the first "ding-ding")
"The Cha-Cha song" (we all love to clap our hands to the song)
"Hold on" by the Jonas Brothers (the boys sing "Hi, Don" instead of hold on)

One day we were driving home and Queens "We will Rock you" came on. For two days after (and occasionally sometimes even now) we will hear Luke singing something resembling the tune. It is amazing how music has suddenly become such a fun thing for all of us during the car rides. Even though the kids are sometimes screaming because they want a certain matchbox car or someone pinched them, etc, etc - there are many times watching them in the rear view mirror while they are dancing to the radio is by far the sweetest thing that my mind can imagine. I love our little music men!

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loren said...

I'm wondering how my girls have somehow managed to escape all types of children's music. It's a mystery!

We don't have cable, they've just recently started daycare, and they rarely go anywhere else that they'd be exposed to it, I guess.

The funny thing is, they sing to Gwen Stefani in the car! I think I'd like to hear them sing a little Mickey Mouse :)