Friday, October 26, 2007

Dancing, laughing & falling

The boys are just growing by Leaps and Bounds. Sometimes at the end of the day it is hard to think back through the day and remember what new happened, and then days later someone will do something and I will wonder when that was learned. So here is an entry to try to play catch up.

There is a sound machine in the boys room. We keep it on a rain sound when the boys sleep, but there are other sounds, as well as an alarm or radio on it. The boys found the radio button and love to dance to the music. Jax does this adorable dance with his hands closed in fists shaking and moving up and down in front of him (for anyone that has seen Don dance, he is just like his Daddy) with his little body dancing along. Wyatt and Lucas do more jumping than dancing, but it is great to see them get so excited about any music station we happen to come across.

The Falling Game This game was first noticed when Karen and Annie were in town. We were at the Bellagio waiting for the water show and the boys were keeping themselves occupied by throwing their bodies on the sidewalk in slow motion. It almost looks if they are training to be stunt men :) This game gets played any where from our living room, at the Bellagio (as mentioned above), the mall, or as shown in the picture below, anywhere they darn well please since we think it is not worth the battle to make them stop (and they look so happy while playing it).

HELP This is another game the boys like to play. I am sure it started when Don and I asked them if they needed help the first time after they "fell". It surprisingly has evolved to a game they will play at the table. Everyone is seated in their chairs and -even though they are buckled in- they will let their heads fall way to the side and ask for "help". Then someone stops playing long enough to push their brothers head back up to their shoulders, before dropping their own head sideways again.
This help game is also combined with the falling game when the boys ride their little animals (they call them bye-byes) around the house and s l o w l y fall off. Then they will just lay there quietly asking for "help" until a sibling comes along to try to lift their brothers head off the ground in an attempt to help them up.

Jaxon's mind is really busy lately. Last week when I was unloading the boys from the car I noticed a distinct smell. I looked at Jax (since he was closet to me) and asked if he pooped. He said "no pu". I asked him if he was sure and he told me, "No PU, Lukey PU". That goes down in the books as Jax's first sentence. Last week Don had heard Jaxon singing a line from the "Moon Moon Moon" song. He actually said "moon, moon, moon, I can see". That is the most amount of words he has put together yet, so we were pretty impressed -especially since the music wasn't playing or anything. He just sang it since he saw them moon out the window.
Sometimes I'll pretend there is something in my hands and quietly tell the boys to come look. When they get close, I open my hands and tickle their heads. Jaxon loves to play this back on us! He will whisper to us while stooping his little shoulders as if he is holding something precious in his hands and then jump up to tickle our heads. He also thinks funny faces are hilarious and loves to make everyone laugh. He is so contrary in his personality, sometimes taunting his brothers with the forbidden word when he has something they want -"mine" or coming to pat them on their back when he knows they need comfort.

Wyatt is loving his letters and numbers. He has the entire alphabet down -with most signs- and he loves to count! He misses a few digits here and there, but he loves to say them again and again (and again!). He is still quite the cuddle bug and is really a mischievous child. Wyatt loves to tell us "no" and then chuckle afterwards like it was funny that he would even try to tell us no. Wyatt thinks anything is funny, even though he may not initially be amused.
Another thing I am not sure if I have ever blogged was how Wyatt can be going full blast 60 miles an hour and them we can lay him on the ground making the "shhhhh" sound while rubbing his face and he will just about fall asleep in 20 seconds. It is the oddest thing I have ever seen, but he has an amazing ability to just relax himself. He has a definite thirst for learning things and continually surprises us with how he withholds information.

Lucas is blossoming more now than ever. Luke says many words, often repeatedly until we acknowledge or agree with him. He wants to know everything all the time, and gets very loud if he is not happy with the answers. He knows his colors and shapes very well and is slowly working on the alphabet, seeming to want to know more about the world around him than just the standard alpha, number routine. I do see that Lucas is beginning to see the fun in the alpha now that he is recognizing letters more often, but he is a child who knows what he wants when he wants it.

My favorite thing Lucas does is at night time he will wrap himself up in the blanket and say "take you" to me, telling me he wants me to pick him up so we can cuddle before he will lay down. I think he has finally realized that it is fun to participate with everyone. He has become quite the charmer and loves for anyone to kiss on his neck, going as far as tilting his head to the side and saying "neck" as an invitation for some lovins'.

There are so many things the boys do lately that I think are just the cutest things a child has even done. They are so free spirited and happy. There are also times that tempers are flared over a matchbox or other favorite toy of the moment. The boys are definitely going through their twos and testing Don and my authority. It is sweet, hilarious and hair pulling all with in 5 minutes, but through it all, it is AWESOME and I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Wendi said...

Wonderful post!!!! Hope you are doing well :)

laraine said...


The photos are absolutely adorable. I just love the one of them walking away holding hands - its just precious. I know how hard it it to get a shot of just 2 kids together. I can only imagine how much harder it is to get 3 of them at once. You've managed to do a fantastic job of getting great pictures all 3 of your boys - just wonderful.