Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall Fun

Last night Carl, his kids, my Mom and the five of us all went to another pumpkin patch. Maybe not so much of a pumpkin patch, but it was more of a backyard barn a man had made over to be a fun family place. There were probably 20 horses, 2 or 3 goats, a burrow and a few random other animals tucked in there somewhere.

After feeding carrots to the animals and taking some pictures, the kids went on a horse and wagon ride with Carl and Don. They all seemed to really enjoy it. After a bit more of wandering around, the boys gravitated towards a slide and swing play set. Up and down over and over again they went on the slide.

Lucas got pretty confident on the slide and he had to went on it no less than 40 times. It was a pretty fast slide that we would have to catch them at the bottom or they would fly right into the dirt, but they all had huge smiles while going down it. Before we left they graduated from plain old sliding to sliding with their arms up in the air or even going choo-choo style all three packed in together!

On our way out we got to choose our pumpkins from about 20 others scattered near the entrance. We just grabbed a regular shaped one, not to tall or anything- but it is cool to think that something like a plain old pumpkin has such a fun evening of memories attached to it.

Check out the slideshow to see the fun we had!


Annie said...

You guys look like you had a blast! Great pictures girl! Thanks for sharing.

JMom said...

What fun! You guys are getting big!!!