Sunday, October 21, 2007

Let the fun begin...

Tonight we had a family dinner at Nana and Pops. When it was time to go and we were on our way out, the boys were saying their good byes to Pops and Nana. Don went out to load Wyatt into the car and I was making sure our messes were picked up when Luke ran back in the house. He went over to the toy corner and made a beeline for the front door with his palms clasped together. Pops knew what little Luke was up to and laughed as he told me Luke was trying to sneak a matchbox out of the house. After chatting with Lucas outside, he gave reluctantly gave the matchbox back to Pops and then asked Pops "please" to see if Pops would let him "borrow" the match box. As Pops gave it back to Luke and Luke smiled the biggest smile ever, Jaxon was walking back into the house.

Pops walked to the door and acted like Jaxon locked us out -then realized Jaxon locked us out. Not so worried since we had the car keys and could get back in, but getting a bit concerned that we just opened the doggie door to the backyard (there is a pool) Don grabbed the keys and the search for Jaxon began. I let Pops and Nana know that Jaxon likes to hide and freak us out, so it was important not to let him hear any panic in our voice (to take the fun out of it for him). First Nana searched the backyard, while Pops and Don looked through out the house. Don went upstairs checking every room and calling down to see if Jaxon was found yet while I was outside glancing around while keeping an eye on Wyatt and Lucas who were in the car waiting.

After what was probably only 30 seconds but felt like 5 minutes- my Dad said loud enough for us to hear "I see you Jaxon, I saw you all along" (he obviously didn't- but he wisely couldn't let Jaxon know he stumped us). As I walked in the house, Jaxon was coming out of the formal dining room (where he had been hiding under a chair). He had a hesitant smile on his face, not sure if he was in trouble- but oh, so proud of himself. I tried not to laugh out loud as I told him in the most casually stern voice I could muster that it is not funny to hide and it was time to go.

I truly think Jax was disappointed that there was no panic and that he didn't get the reaction he wanted. This was only the second time he has "hidden" on purpose. The first being when he walked over to the other side of a car in the parking lot where he was out of our eyesight for about 10 seconds. When I spotted his head and got him, I saw the twinkle in his eye that told me he thought it was funny that Mommy got worried.

Just thinking about what he may do for his third time gives me grey hairs.

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Karen said...

I love to read the stories of your boys! Good times. Aren't you glad you record them all!!