Monday, October 15, 2007

The Good and Bad of it

This weekend flew by. It was the kind of weekend were life gets in the way of relaxing. Saturday morning we ran a few errands, one of them being to Target. As we were loading up the kids in the car, my wallet got left on top of the car as we drove off. Since the back window motor ran out and the window was permanently stuck down and had to be taken care of, we didn't notice my wallet was missing until Sunday morning.

All Sunday morning was about retracing our steps, calling and going into any stores someone may have returned my wallet to. Then calling the credit card company and canceling checks, as well as filing a police report and giving a fraud alert notice to the credit bureaus, just in case. A bit stressful, but we just prayed that someone found it and threw it away, verses it getting into the wrong people's hands.

Then Sunday evening came around. The first amazing thing was Lucas said his first sentence. His shoe came off and I was holding him close while putting it back on his foot. First he turned to me and said "thank you, Momma" and then he hugged me (amazing for Lucas in it self!!) and said "I love you, Momma". Awwww. My little Lukey!

The second amazing thing was Don and I went to bed at tenish, turning off the television and lights at about 10:40pm. Not even 5 minutes later, our doorbell rang. I am all freaking out, thinking the worst about someone with all my personal info coming to my door at almost 11pm... but it was an angel returning my wallet her daughter had found in the middle of the road on Saturday. Even though she had obviously had a long day (up and running around even at 11pm) she took the time to personally return my wallet to me.

So even though we spent so much of our weekend time on a broken window and missing wallet, the end results were definitely worth it!


loren said...

That's really awesome that someone took the time to bring it back! I'm impressed, and it definitely relieves the stress of thinking some crazy person has all of your info :)

annie said...

That is sooo awesome that they found your wallet!