Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Beast

Don and I are project people. Give us a project and we will tackle it and have it hung up to dry in no time. Well, at least pre-kids regarding the no time part. Now, projects take about 5 times longer and most times we don't even try to tackle anything because we get frustrated with the time restraints the kids put on us. But we still enjoy the project part. Kinda.

This past week (or two) we have been on a mission to finish a project. A project called Get Party Ready. It has included taking out grass on a third of our yard and installing a beast of a play ground. But only after we took down the play ground from the very generous people who gave it to us and managed to get it to our house. And then refinished the wood. With less than a week to go until party day.

Last night as we were struggling to put the big huge monkey bar across and bolt it in, Don was balancing on a ladder trying -with all his might- to get the two pieces of wood to line up so he could put a bolt through. Luke was so happy that we were almost done that he just kept yelling, "Thank you, Daddo! Thank you Momma!". Over and over again. So sweet, I know, but incredibly distracting when we are dealing with this beast of a structure.

We finally have it (mostly) done, but so much is still on the list of things to do. Put in the padding under the swings. Lay wood chips down. Mow the yard. Clean up the back yard. Fix up sand box area. And that is just the outside "projects".

But at least The Beast is up and soon to be functioning!


a portland granny said...

In a way, aren't deadlines a blessing?? At least I know when I have one, I really accomplish a lot!! Your project sounds like it will bring great fun for all nice weather activities.

Congratultions on celebrating their third birthday. That is quite a milestone and with triplets, I know it represents lots of hard work, and loving every minute with them!

Loved looking at your latest scrapbook pages! I still haven't gotten the hang of the digital scrapping.

Don't work too hard and have a great kid party for your sweet boys. I imagine the excitement juices are running high about now??!!


My name is Tammie said...

Oh cool!!!! Man do I wish I could borrow you guys for a measly little project that probably wont get done by the kids birthday at the end of June. Its a simple little metal swingset. Nothing like that monster of a project.

Happy Third Wyatt, Jaxon and Lucas!!!