Thursday, May 08, 2008

Zoo and beach time!

Yesterday we spent the morning at the Sand Diego zoo. The first thing we did was walk over the the court where both the elephant and giraffe exhibit were. Between dodging the buses and trying to get our monstrosity of a stroller through all the people on the little side walks, we decided we would make more progress taking the double decker buses around the grounds.
On the way to the bus station area, the boys got to see their first peacock up close. Once we were sitting on the top level of the bus, the boys split up between Don and I for the duration of the ride. Lucas was totally into the whole experience, even yelling "go go GO!" to the driver when she had to stop for pedestrians. Wyatt was getting tired and just settled into cuddling in my arms while Jax hung out with Don getting to see all the animals as we rode past.
After the tour, it was obvious that the boys were tired so we ate a quick lunch and headed back to our "California house" for nap time. After naps were over, we met Nana, Pops, Michael, Matthew and Cathryn at Sea World. This was our third trip there and we still found new stuff to see and do. First we fed fish to the seals then went to the fresh fish aquarium. We were trying to make our way to the Wild Arctic, but got detoured to the Sting Ray petting area before we found our way to the Arctic. When that was done, Don and Michael went for a quick ride on the Journey to Atlantis.

The weather has been pretty over cast the whole time we have been out here. The boys have been mostly in short sleeves with a sweatshirt or long sleeves the whole time. Today we woke up with nothing on our agenda and the weather was fore casted to and be warmer and clearer than it has been the whole time we have been here. Sounded like a perfect day for the beach!

First we took a walk up the bay to the playground area. We were the only ones there the entire time so the boys got to run and play on the slides, swings and any thing else they wanted to play on. After an hour of non stop playing, we decided to walk back to the house -but walk on the beach instead of the side walk.

Since we were in the bay and not ocean side there are no waves to be careful of. The boys were able to wade in as far as their knees or so and have no fear of a wave knocking them over. There pants were off and their shirts were drenched. Once we made it back to the house, we gave them a quick bath before lunch. When lunch was over, we took Nana to the bay with us and stayed out for another hour while they played more in the water. Lucas was getting sleepy and Jax was getting cold. Wyatt loved it and had no intention of ever coming in, but we told him after nap time we could come back. One more bath and nap time it was.

After naps we put the boys in their swimsuits for the first time(!) and took them back to the beach. We spent a good two hours out there, digging up sand and finding huge rocks to throw in the water. Wyatt was not shy about getting his body in the water, but Jax would cry when he would fall in -but after the third or fourth time he didn't seem to mind any more. Lucas preferred to stay up closer to the shore, little wagon behind him carrying a big rock he had found. Eventually all three seemed like they were getting chilly and it was getting closer to dinner time, so we walked back the the house.

Nana had picked up the cousins so we got to have one last big dinner. Don cooked some chicken on the grill while all the kids played outside. Lucas really has gotten to be a bossy little man, so he was loving trying to ell his big cousins what to do. Wyatt was running around being a little imp and Jaxon had cuddled up to Cathryn on the couch.

I have really noticed a difference in our boys in the past few days. They really love their big cousins and I am just amazed at how much having the bigger kids dote on them has made a difference in their little personalities. Wyatt's vocabulary has gotten much better. He is conversing with us a bit more versus just yelling when he wants or needs something. He is making more jokes and acting a bit more silly. I can tell he is going to be the kind of guy who is always up for a good time and loves to make people laugh. He loves to play chase or anything else where teasing takes place.

Jaxon has always been a beautiful spirit, but he has taken it to a new level. Full of lots of kisses for everyone, I can't believe how many pictures I have of this guy with a full on sparkling smile while he is cuddling with Pops, Leigha, or Cathryn. He knows what he wants, but he is so good about letting someone else have their way instead and waiting for his turn to be later.

Lucas is still cool dude Luke. He has taken to wearing a shark tooth necklace we got him from Sea World. He loved hanging out with his big cousins, asking for them when ever they weren't around. He loved to tease them, and once while we were eating dinner he barely burped and laughed so hard he wasn't breathing. When we would drive to and from any places on the trip, he would always question if we were going on a "big bye-bye", "home-Belle" (our house to our dog, Belle), or "California house".

It is amazing to see the kids out of their element and see them shine.

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