Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The boys are having a bad potty training day. Although potty training seemed to be getting better, I have cleaned no less than 3 poops already this morning. The real topper to that was after I got Lucas all cleaned up in between the 8 interruptions from the other two trying to "help". I thought I was finished and then realized I couldn't figure out where the messy underwear was. Frantically I am searching for it thinking I know it was right here. I saw him slide them off here.

I asked the boys, "where is Luke's underwear?".
Jax told me "yucky underwear".
"Yes Jax, yucky underwear. Where are they?"
"Dirty. Washed."
oh crap
"Jax, show me where they are"

Jaxon lead me to the washing machine. In trying to help me, he threw in a loaded nasty pair of underwear in the already half full washing machine. Oh look, there is the missing bathing suit I couldn't find earlier and a few other clothing items. Under a real nasty pair of underwear. Fabulous.

Today I am certain my blood pressure has risen considerably and I have probably have had 10 hairs fall out and 20 more turn grey. My head was so full of stress I thought I was going to have an aneurysm. Even as I am writing this, Wyatt comes out of my bedroom walking with his legs spread out, he has peed. I tell him to go to the toilet and follow him to the bathroom. As I lift him up to the toilet, he says, "tank you, momma".

It is so hard to be torn between being so irritated and frustrated and then being reminded how little they are two seconds later. I need lots of patience today. Especially since I just heard the toilet flushing for the 4th time in a row now.


Annie said...

Oh, girl. You are one of the most patient people I know so I know you will be able to get through this. (Although I have to say that the poop in the washer is pretty gross!!)

Keep the faith! It has to get easier, right????

BTW, love the boys haircuts! They look like little boys, not babies anymore!!

laraine said...

Laura - I may be in the minority here - but I would seriously suggest give them a break.

Put them in pull-ups and if they want to use the potty great...if not, you won't be mopping up the floor, the rugs, the kids, etc all day long.

They'll get it soon enough - unless you HAVE to get them potty trained for some reason (like preschool, etc.) give yourself a breather...its so not worth the stress. When they are really ready it will be easy.