Saturday, May 17, 2008

PT Week 1 round up

Look at those dirty legs!

Things have gotten better. There is less laundry being done and less stress all around. accidents are still happening, but fewer and further between. Luke is thrilled about making "big poop" in the potty and can keep the same pair of underwear on all day! Wyatt is almost there, and Jaxon maybe a little further behind still.

We finally got the boys out of the house today. First thing this morning we went to Einstein Bagels and picked up breakfast to take to my Mom and Dad's. They watched the boys while Don and I went to disassemble a huge wooden play set being given to us by our family friends, Steve and Cynthia. This was a huge project, lots of bolts to be taken out and heavy lifting. My arms are so tired from using the ratchet, but it will be so exciting to have done and show to the boys! Now we just have to get it from their house to ours, weather proof it (it is about 7 years old) and reassemble it. Luckily we have family coming into town, so maybe we can get some extra muscle to help us out.

After the boys woke from their naps, we took the boys on their first underwear-wearing trip to Home Depot! I am extremely pleased that no one peed, not even in the car. That is a huge concern of mine since it is already hitting 100 degrees here and that stench would just be awful in a hot car! But the boys made it, and Don and I feel like maybe we can actually do this after all. Yay for Mickey Mouse underwear!

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