Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

We started potty training yesterday. I hate telling that to the world. Now I feel like we have to follow through on this and there is no turning back. Yesterday went better than today, until about 6 this evening. Then it was like the light went on in their little heads.

Wyatt's bladder seems to be the size of a grape. That kid has to pee all the time. His first day in underwear he just walked funny. I think it was the actual sensation of being able to feel something other than a thick diaper between him and the world. He is on the potty at least once a half hour, and still has accidents. But tonight at bed time when everyone was tucked in, he said "potty, potty!" and ran with Don to the bathroom. Apparently he actually had to go, since he had more than a half second drip come out. It is not for lack of trying and he is such a good sport about it all.

Lucas seems to be able to do this for the most part. Or at least he did yesterday. He told us a couple times yesterday he had to go, but today, not so much. Tonight after baths he was very cuddly on my lap, not wanting to let go of me and I took that as an opportunity to have a talk to him about who wears big boy/girl underwear. Since we spent the past week with all my family, we went into detail about who in the family wears them and where they go potty.

Jaxon is about 50% there. He is definitely my kid. Hates to be pressured about what needs to be done and really is not enjoying the constant interruptions to go potty. He is another half second pee-er, so I have to tell him "one more time" four times in a row to be sure he gets it all out at one sitting. Occasionally we give them a "potty yummy" (pieces of a fruit roll up) and he proudly announces "potty train". He really is doing well, but I will have to figure out a way for him to not get so annoyed with all the time it takes.

This is the first thing where I actually feel it is much harder doing something with all three than it would be with a singleton. To keep an eye on three boys, looking for signs they have to go, or being able to track all three down to make sure they go. Or thinking about who has drank what or to check how much they actually peed when they (who?) went. Not to mention when we tell everyone to go, it is a ten minute ordeal, easily. First to get them to come over, help them take off their underwear and make sure they keep the pee in the potty. It is hard, really hard.

But it is Mother's Day. Since we are in the midst of training (and not leaving the house), my Mom and Dad surprised us with a trip to our house this morning. Not minding at all that I couldn't make the trip over there on my day to recognize her. She is the best and I really couldn't be more thankful for all she does for me and my family. Over the past couple years we have become much closer and even though we have our moments, it is nice knowing that we can get through it and will be here for each other tomorrow. She loves me -faults and all.

As for my Mother's Day, we spent it here at the house. Going through lots of underwear and emptying out lots of little toilets. As I mentioned, it was a hard day. But the kids were good (for the most part), my husband was super, and the house was a happy house. I have been through too many sad Mother's Days (before we conceived) to not realize that even today -in its most unglamorous form of motherhood- I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love being the Mom to these three little guys!

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Annie said...

Oh my goodness! The boys look ADORABLE in their swim suits and especially their hats! Sounds like you guys had a great trip. I wish I could have stowed away with you!

Good luck with the potty training. The rewards (not having to change any more diapers!) will far outweight the challenges, I'm sure.

Love you all and miss you!!!