Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer days

That is a picture of the boys opening their package from UPS. It was from Aunt Leigha and TJ and the boys were totally happy playing with the styrofoam peanuts in the box. I had to tell them that the box inside contained cookies in order to get them to stop making it "snow" in the kitchen.

The weather has been past 100 degrees here for the past two days. The boys have been stuck in the house since there is a heat warning during the day and this is on top of being stuck at the house all last week because of potty training. We are all getting a bit snippy from the cabin fever going on here.

Don's parents came into town and stopped by today when the boys got up from their nap. It only took the boys a few minutes to start jumping all over their Grandma and Papa like it has only been an hour -not a year and a half- since they have seen them last. We picked up a pizza and headed out to a nearby park with some water fun. The wind was crazy, blowing our plates around and making us hold the pizza boxes down, but we had a good time. Finally we were out of the house! Vicky and the boys played around the edges of the water area since none of the boys wanted to brave it and run full in, but they still were squealing and giggling when they got close to the water.

Back at the house all three boys tried their best to take their Papa down. I swear if the boys weren't so cute it would be frightening to see them attack a grown man. It was an experience for Don to watch, since usually he is the one being attacked, but this time he just got to laugh at it like I do to him. Seriously though, they can take down Don (or his father) in about 1 minute flat. We will have to work something out so they don't try it when the knowledge of that will over turn our power positions here.

The boys are talking like crazy. Jaxon says the cutest things. I know I have written in the past about issues with them in the car. They act badly, I scold them, they laugh, I scold more, etc. Well, apparently I tell them, "it is not funny" more than I realize. Jaxon tells his brothers, "NOT fun-ny BOYS!". He is aware their birthday is getting closer and calls it "Happy Day!". He is a master burper and loves the reaction those burps get.

Lucas says, "I WANT that" and calls his dad, "Don" all the time. I had to hear the phrase, "I want more, Don" about 20 times today. He is also big on the "I need" phrase too. This kid knows exactly what he wants and before I forget, I have to document something. After they eat, I have them bring their plates up to the counter or sink. 90% of the time, Lucas will carry his plate in his mouth. Hands free. And try to stand on matchbox cars so he can use them as a "skateboard".

Wyatt is still quite the cuddler. His favorite phrase is "more". More cuddles, more milk, more apples. Anything, he just wants more. He is the slowest eater I have ever met (slower than GB even!) and it is not unusual to see his still chewing on something cleared from the table a good 20 minutes ago. He is easier going, but very territorial about his toys. But, he has respect for the timer and when there is a toy dispute he cries, "timer!" for the timer to be set so they can take turns.

I know there are so many more things I keep putting off about writing, thinking later I will remember, but now is the time and not much is popping up. Hopefully there will be a paper and pen handy so next things can at least be jotted down the old fashioned way until I get back to the blog.

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Anonymous said...


I just love reading your Blog! I'm so glad that you finally got out of the house, that's how we feel in winter here, although if you want to knock 30 degrees off of your heat and send it this way, Buffalo would surely appreciate it, it's cold here still and rainy and dreary.
Happy Birthday to the boys! 3, wow, how did that happen? Take tons of pictures.
Love you!