Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random things

The boys have been talking up a storm lately. It is part awesome (to hear what they think) and part head spinning (now we get sassed).

Last night Don was telling the boys to go downstairs.

Lucas told him (in a whiny voice) "I dun' wanna go do-wnstaws wight now"

Jaxon responded with a "no, no thank you!"

Tonight we could tell Lucas had to poop. After sitting on the toilet with a magna doodle for almost 20 minutes and nothing happening, he said he wanted to get down. Not even five minutes later Don walked into the kitchen just as Luke was getting up from the potty chair in there. Luke looked at the potty and told Don "look-it Daddy! Look what I did! Big poop! I did a big poop!" So all the celebrating and such went on, candy was given out and we told the other two what Luke had accomplished. Jaxon told Luke, "Wow! Good job lu-key". Once they saw the candy, they both ran to earn their own.

So potty training is getting better. I have let go of the reins and only ask the boys if they need to go potty once in a while. I make them go before we put on the big boy underwear and before we eat lunch and dinner. Otherwise they are on their own and it is much less stressful for me. Jaxon puts his underwear in the washer himself when he wets them, which is a nice gesture, I think. The wetting is happening fewer and farther between. Luke wore only two pairs of underwear today, one in the am, and one after naps, only wetting them about 10 minutes before nap/bedtime so I guess he is just sleepy and losing his edge. Wyatt went through three and Jax went through three or four. That is lots of underwear total, but individually they are doing pretty well.

Today we are one week down from their birthday. I can not believe that in only a week, my little babies will already be three! And how is it possible they are only three? Haven't I been home every day with them for going on ten years now? How does that happen?


Anonymous said...

The potty issues will be a thing of the past soon, I promise, then you'll be visiting every restroom, even the public ones, there's something magical about other people's potty's for some reason!
Love to you, Don and the boys!!!!!!
I can't belive it was two years ago that we all came out for their 1st birthday, seems like yesterday and then it seems like forever ago! I miss you!

laraine said...

Laura - great job with the potty training. It sounds like they are definitely catching on! Those boys Rock!!

Isn't it crazy how quick they grow up. I still can't believe mine are going to be FIVE in July. They are starting Kindergarden in the fall - how the heck does that happen? I swear sometimes I think I'm going to wake up tomorrow and they'll be driving me to the dr. for my senior check-up :-)