Tuesday, July 27, 2010

California Take 2

Another camping weekend has come and gone. This one was a bit different. First, we were at a primitive campground -no electric or water. Second, Nana and Pops were doing some traveling for Pops work, and they were able to meet up with us for the day.

The first night, we got to the campground just as the sun was setting. We would have made it about a half hour earlier, but we had our first ever case of car sickness. Luckily the boys were still wearing their junk clothes from clay class, and I had no issues with tossing the barfed on clothes. Don thought it was nuts, but vomit is just something that sends my gag reflex into overdrive. Thank goodness Don is stronger and didn't mind the clean up so much.

The next day, we spent most of the day playing on the beach. It was the first time we noticed all beaches are not created equal, and the boys had to be watched much more carefully around these waves. The sand was eroding, and the entry was pretty steep -meaning it could be all sand, and when a wave comes in it would suddenly be at least 3 feet deep.

Luckily Pops came to the rescue and decided it would be a great opportunity to show to boys about burying themselves in the sand. He buried only their legs first, and the boys would get braver until Luke decided he would be buried up to his neck.

Jaxon and Wyatt followed closely behind, and it opened us up for tons of silly photo ops. The boys loved being buried and would just stay cool inside the sand -at one point I remember we got one of the boys a hat and pillow for their head to rest back.

I wish I would have taken a video of when my dad buried Wyatt not to far from the water line. Wyatt stayed in the sand for about ten minutes, even when the water would come up and around -and even past him. The ocean water was freezing, and Wyatt just stayed buried in the sand all the way up to his neck, and didn't even care that he was getting wet, or fear that the water would go on top of his head.

Soon it was time to get back to the camper and out of the sun. We took a little siesta.

Nana and Pops wandered the beach finding "dinosaur eggs" while Don cooked hamburgers.

The next day we packed up the camper and drove to a hotel closer to Lego Land. It wasn't in our original plans, but we figured it would make sense to use our passes since we were only 2 hours away versus the normal 6. The boys all wanted their own map of Lego Land and would pull their maps out at various points of the day.

One of the first things of the day was to get the boys faces painted. It was a huge splurge, but we felt they really deserved it and would hopefully have good memories of it. Being a superhero is such a big part of their playing at home, and it seemed like the perfect day to have it done.

This play area is one of the boys favorite places in the whole park. It is giant playground. Some areas it is about 3 or 4 stories high and it is about 95% wood. No lines here, we just sit and occasionally see one of the boys run by as they come out of the slide -smiling and ready to find his brothers again. If you look to the right of Jaxon, you can see the other two running back to the playground with another newly made friend.

Being that we have been to Lego Land just last month or so, and knowing the next day was more of the same, made this day so relaxing. Slowly we walked the park, checking out more of the play areas and finding more walk though areas and less rides. Here they were in a game room, and happen to come across a giant Bat Man made entirely out of Legos!

All three also had their first try at climbing a rock wall. Jax was the only one that made it all three stories, but I was completely impressed that all of them at least tried! Wyatt did not turn a single ride down all day -he even went on the roller coasters!

I think we are definitely fans of Lego Land.

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