Monday, August 02, 2010

Pioneer Days

A couple weeks ago, it was Pioneer Day. In our area there was a Pioneer Day celebration including a small parade followed by some festivities.

This was an ice cold river to teach the children about the pioneers who had to cross ice cold rivers during their journey. Here it was so cold, our kids used it to cool their body temperatures down!

There were also fun games for the kids. Pioneer games, of course. The boys made their own yo-yos and for the first time ever, they tried a three legged race.

The temperatures were around 100 at only 10 am, luckily the fire department made a stop and cooled us down. I loved the sound of all the people screaming in joy over being sprayed with the water.

Not sure that is how the pioneers did it, but it was fun for us!

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Annie in Texas said...

Looks so darn hot outside and that ice looks good!! Good to see ya'll having a great time.