Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quilting part 2

My quilt is coming along pretty quickly. I sewed the little pieces together, and the next step was to sew the curved strips into the inside circle. All this pinning is taking so much time that I am afraid if I stop I'll never want to pick it back up again. So I have been going and going and going. All day, all night. Until my eyes felt like they were going to jump out of my skull in protest, then I stopped. And since have picked it back up a time or two, ironed a bit and then pinned some more.

Finally I got all the inside circle pieces sewed on, and began to work on the outer circle parts. Luckily I figured out a few ways to make the process go faster this time around (including getting my mom to help me iron!) and I have about 90% of them completely done.

I just have to get motivated to pick it back up and finish that 10% of pinning/sewing and then things will finally start to come together.

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