Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Making a Quilt

I am finally making my first adult quilt. I made a child one last year for baby Gage, and another for my niece's first birthday a couple months ago. Both seemed to take a long time, and were challenging in their own way, but I am ready to step it up and make one for me to keep!

I have had the pattern (Denyse Schmidt's Single Girl) for well over a year. Since the pattern has been out for some time, it has been really difficult to find the same fabrics that she used in the picture. After lots of searching, I found all but a handful and then finally acceptable substitutes for the missing few.

The other day I finally started my cutting. It begins with about 30 pieces, and those need about 20 of each. My mom came over for a couple hours to help me get some of the cutting out of the way, but it still took me hours and hours to finish that first step.

Can't wait to start sewing so I can see it starting to come together!


Annie in Texas said...

You do awesome work Laura. We just LOVE the quilt you made for baby Gage. :)

Laura said...

Thanks Annie! Can't believe he will be one already! Time just goes by too fast!