Monday, August 16, 2010

Jumbled Mess

The other day while sitting on the LoveSac in Annie's room while pinning my heart out on this quilt, I glanced up.

All put together, it is a jumbled mess. A longer glance made me laugh a bit because of how askewed it all was. With the boys playing in here in their new fort (why do they only play in here when I am trying to get some peace and quiet?) I have had to move the iron to right next to me. In order to do that, it needed lots of creativity to get it somewhat leveled. A broken drum, some unused baskets for the boys room now turned into a holding spot for clothes needing alterations or mending, and a discarded piece of wood almost gets the jobs done.

Lots of craziness going on in one small space, I am too well aware. But the little parts that make it up, made me smile and how put together it made a big mess. Just like my life. Probably looks crazy to the random outsider, but inside it all makes a bit more sense when you look at the little details in between.

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