Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of School

(This picture was taken when Don took the boys to Touch A Truck in March, but I thought it was perfect for today)

School starts today. The boys are in the afternoon kindergarten, so it is about 10:45am now, and we still have almost 2 hours before their school day begins.

Don took the day off and he is in the shower right now. They boys are in their green Thomas tee shirts and underwear, Lucas is playing inside of Roxy's cage while she just lays next to her cage, panting away.

Wyatt and Jaxon are chasing each other around the house with laser guns shooting, Superman capes flying behind them.

I am starting to feel a bit jittery about it being the first day, but so far all has been well. We haven't made a huge deal of it, not wanting to cause any anxiety about it. The school is familiar to them since Lucas and Wyatt went to speech there once a week for about 6 months -and I am sure that is where much of all of our comfort is coming from. They will also have each other in the class room -the same class room we went and saw last week for the teacher meet and greet.

Asking Wyatt how he feels about school today he jumped up and down saying "good, good, good, good!" What is he most excited about? "Uh, the play class". I am thinking he means the play ground.

Jaxon says he feels "good" too. I asked him what he thought he would do today in school and he answered, "I don't know". I am not sure how he contains all that excitement.

Lucas on the other hand is "only happy". They are all too busy playing they caught an alien in the dog cage (now covered with blankets and towels) to be bothered with questions.

So at this point, there is no worries about school today.

At least not until everyone is dressed and walking up to the play ground....

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