Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Little bits of what is happening in our house.


Roxy is still here, looking as cute as ever. Things are not as dreamy as I would like them to be (cough cough) -but they are looking up. Potty training is still a struggle, but much better since we got the doggie door in. We do seem to have one pee incident a day in the house. No rhyme or reason other than just trying to tick me off. :) She is very nippy -to the point of trying to keep children away from her, but I know it is largely due to the fact of she is living with three crazy little people in our house hold. It is getting better day by day, but it has been hard.


Here in Las Vegas we are in the season of spring. Along with the pretty spring weather, we have been making more trips out to the parks. The boys are really into baseball lately -not sure how or why- but it is nice we can finally get out all the baseball equipment we have been staring at in our garage for years and years. Even Don and I got into the groove, tossing the ball around at the park and wowing the boys with our "super far" throwing skills.

Although we are at the playground, Wyatt takes his food into consideration first and foremost. He is NOT going to put his pizza down. It is coming with him.

Don has been busy with the boys. He takes them for rides on their bikes. Sometimes to the store for a treat, and sometimes to the railroad track (you can see the Las Vegas strip in the background).

Recently the Touch-A-Truck event was in town and Don took the boys to that one morning.
The boys are debating whether be a driver with UPS like their Uncle Jeremy...

Or just hop in the DeLorean for the afternoon and work on looking cool.


When I download the camera card into my computer and see pictures the boys have taken.


Both Don and I have been up to some projects. Mine are all sewing related -first a quilt for our niece's first birthday, and then some crayon and paper holders for the boys.

Don has been busy with some major projects. First he had to fix our car so it could pass smog. He let the boys help him until one of the kids dropped a bolt into the engine. Luckily Don was able to get it out without any damage done. Second, he has single handled (which is so weird because usually we are a 50/50 team) taken care of the issues we had in our downstairs bathroom. He has had to take the tile up, tear a wall down to the studs, and is now building it all back together.

Last, our always on going project seems to be our garden. We have branched out this year -tearing out a majority of the bushes in our flower bed and planting lots of veggies instead. Both cherry and regular sized tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, strawberries, grapes, watermelon, lettuce, onions, carrots and so much more has been planted. Now we are just watching and waiting.


We are looking forward to our upcoming summer plans. Don deserves his vacation time and will use some of it doing family stuff like camping in Utah, as well as San Diego and Malibu. He also is hoping to go hunting with some friends this fall.

I have been really working hard to lose weight and it finally seems like I am back on the right track. Two pant sizes down so far, and seeing results like that make it so much easier to keep the momentum. My goal is to be fit enough by the time the boys go to school to sometimes drive them to school, jog home and then jog back to pick them up before school is out. And have enough time at home to be productive in between- not just get home and then have to turn back around to get them.


The boys start kindergarten next year. They are registered for half day. The lady in the office was speechless when I requested they be in the same class. Their preschool teachers say the boys are great together, no distractions or disruptive behaviors -so if it is not an issue, I see no reason to split them up their first year in a new school. Keep the posse together!

UNCLE CARL, this is for YOU

The boys love these marshmallow shooters you got them (was it for Christmas?). It makes mom's lawn look all sorts of springy with the pastel mini marshmallows all over the yard. Guinness loves to eat them, so that helps with the clean up (at least in the front yard).

They are finally mastering the scooters, too.

So we have been busy, but how do we balance the kids being busy enough to stay out of trouble at the same time of getting mom and dad some rest? Is it possible?

Probably not.

But we still enjoy it all :)


Andrea said...

You look great! I love that you are keeping your boys together in kindergarten. That is my plan, too, at least for now. I look forward to seeing how it goes with your trio.

Anonymous said...

Even though I either talk or see the kids daily, reading your blog is like picking up a good book! You have such an incredible family - so happy and blessed!

Annie said...

Wow! You guys have been busy. I CANNOT BELIEVE they start kindergarten next year. WOW!

Susan Sanford said...

Enjoyed viewing your blog. I remember that you just had babies before I moved to NC and I now see they have grown up cute. I know you are proud of them.