Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wyatt's BIG Mess

In a big celebration-like fashion for my 601st post, I am going to blog about a big ole mess Wyatt recently made. A mess so big, that it took me a over a week to find some humor in it.

The other morning the boys were downstairs while I finished some things upstairs. Showering, making the bed or whatever had occupied my mind while they were playing. My house is pretty small, so the layout allows me to see the boys easily from upstairs. Unfortunately, I was not peeking on them as much as I wish I would have been and took their playing nicely as a blessing.

But it was a trick. A BIG MEAN TRICK.

Just as the sweet smell of baby powder made it up to my nose, Lucas started yelling about something Wyatt was doing.

This is not good.

I ran down the stairs, taking 2 at a time to see what the damage was.

I was not happy.

There were powder footprints across the length of the room, leading over to where I could see foot prints surrounded by powder. Powder -at least a half inch thick- covered our trunk table and all the trains on it. It was in the sub woofer, on the floor, on the couch, the rug, the television. Everywhere. Immediately I figured out what -or rather- why this happened. Wyatt made snow for his trains.

Looking around the mess and getting angrier with every second ticking by -especially after realizing I couldn't have Wyatt help clean the mess he made since he was coughing from all the powder he had breathed in- I sent them all to their bedroom for their own protection.

Once the sub woofer had been completely vacuumed out and I could see past the powder on most of the surfaces that were covered, the boys were called downstairs -one by one. They were able to quietly help finish clean up. Each of the boys got busy with damp rags and dusted the powder off the walls, shelves and any other still white surface until the room sparkled.

I would think that taught them a lesson, but Jax and Luke took the (thought to be empty) same freaking bottle of powder and finished it off on a black cabinet up stairs.


On the bright side, at least the house should smell baby fresh for at least another couple weeks. Whenever it gets low, I can just have the kids jump on the couch and smell the powder that gets plumed into the air.


Annie in Texas said...

Oh my Lord!!! Lol!

mpannek said...

LMAO!!! Note to self... remove baby powder from house NOW!!! You have to admit, the kid's smart!!!

Laura said...

Michele, I remember putting powder on the fan and then turning the fan on to make snow. So I can't blame him too much, but that mess of powder everywhere had me stressed out :)

laraine said...

LOL....I remember my younger brother doing that in my Grandmother's bedroom. She had green flock wallpaper. He was quiet for just a little too long.

We knew something was wrong as soon as we heard my Grandfather's bellow!!.

I never forgot that and never left baby powder around for just that reason!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Laura -- when you told me he did that, I NEVER thought it was SO all encompassing! For a few moments, I really pitied you. Now, it is almost hysterical! You have passed your first real test of hazing into the club!!