Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter 2010

This year Easter snuck up on us. I hadn't had any fun things planned and suddenly it occurred to me that I better think of something -or Easter was going to be done and I would regret being lazy with it all.

Luckily there was another Easter Egg hunt at Leigha's work. They had face painting, balloon twisters, bounce houses and the most fun Easter Bunny I had ever seen.

Joselle and her crew showed up as well and the boys had such a fun time playing with their friends.

On the home front, we did the regular coloring of Easter Eggs and even took it up a notch by getting egg paint for the dyed eggs. A tiny little roller to paint over the dyed eggs brought out little egg artists to a whole new cool level.

Next we made some paper eggs for decorating the house.

Somehow we have managed to wait until this Easter to make sugar cookies in our house. It was a long drawn out process using lots of patience, but luckily it was a good recipe and the cookies were worth it.

Our last Easter project was making candy necklaces. Hundreds of tiny candies laced on a elastic string was a great project to keep them busy and motivated. They couldn't wait to eat their candy necklace.

It turned out to be a very eventful Easter after all!

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Shannon said...

Thanks for stoppoing by my blog! Your boys are adorable. I love that you have three... I'm surrounded with the same bundles of joy...three of them@!@!