Sunday, July 04, 2010

Parade like No Other

Yesterday we had a busy day of firsts.

First thing in the morning, we headed out to a little town south of Las Vegas. It is actually a city, but lives like a small town. They had a parade for the Fourth of July (on the 3rd) and we thought the boys would enjoy their first 4th of July parade.

Most parades start at 10, so we assumed that would be the case here as well. Well, assuming and all caused us to be a half hour late to the parade that started at NINE. Luckily, we found a patch of curb that was not being used and planted ourselves there. About 30 minutes later, we were burning up. It was probably about 98 degrees by then, and that is when it hit me, of course the parades start earlier when it is over 100 degrees by noon!

The parade started slowing down, and we were thinking maybe it was over when a plume of water shot up from a truck far away down the street. Apparently the Boulder City parade was going to relieve the parade attendees from the nasty heat.

Float after float (out here it is more like truckload after truckload) was full of people of various organizations shooting water out of their trucks. Water guns, super soakers -even water balloons. This was an obvious tradition for Boulder City -people watching the parade started pulling out their own water gun arsenal. They were opening their coolers and loading up with freezing water. At first the boys weren't sure how to react regarding getting soaked by a complete stranger, but once they saw Don and I yelling (begging) to be hit too, the boys were all for the fun.

I have never seen a parade like that. I am not sure who enjoyed it more -the people working the floats perfecting their water gun aim on perfect strangers, or the thousands of people begging to be sprayed so the heat would be tolerable. All I know was that it was AWESOME!

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