Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today I took the boys to one of the free movies around town and play at the playground next to it. Wyatt was so happy to go to the "playground with a maze in it" that he actually jumped up and down and declared it the "best day ever!".

For over an hour, I watched the boys run around the play area and through the water center. Climb up the stairs and fly off the slide with their wet tushes- all while being jealous that they were nice and cool while I was sitting on a towel on the barely shaded bench so my rear end would not end up with burn marks the shape of the wood slats.

Jaxon disappeared for a bit, up in a tree house. I knew he was up there, but called out to him to make sure all was well. He responded, "I am here, Mom! I am making NEW FRIENDS!" He is always making new friends, even the bigger kids don't intimidate Jaxon.

After needing to leave the playground to eat our apples, I was ready to go. I could tell the boys were as well -with their little hot pink faces and tired eyes- but they asked to just be able to play on the stage before we go. So I said sure, and back to play we went.

At this point (only 6 minutes later) they are half holding on to wanting to play, and half falling over from being so hot and tired. Trying to usher them out by walking out without them, they follow me to the car, losing all energy as it is soaked up by the heat waves coming off the concrete sidewalks.

About 100 ft from the car, we are in what we call the "echo hallway". All their energy is suddenly regained while the kids belt out any song or phrase that pops into their minds. Today -being as tired as they were- the only thing they could think to say was the word ECHO!! over and over again, each time trying to say it louder than not only the last time, but their brothers too.

At home, I was sitting on the couch. Finally we are home, and the fan was spinning around over me. I had sweat covering my forehead and dripping down the side of my face. I could feel parts of my shirt sticking to me from the hot car on our drive home. 1:10, the clock says. For a few seconds I sat there while my mind actually had to figure out if that was the time or the temperature.

And it occurred to me, probably both.


laraine said...

I hear ya!. 110 is gonna feel cool after this weekend.

I hear we are looking at 111 to 113. Sounds like so much fun...not.

Laura said...

YUCK! I hate complaining about the weather, since I know Don is working out in it ALL DAY EVERY DAY. But man, it IS hot, lol. No denying it.