Thursday, July 01, 2010

Our Trip to Cali wrapped up

The last day or two were just as fun as the first, just more of it!

Look at that little face. That smile makes me forget all the trouble he causes.

Lots of playing at the beach!

We had to switch camping spots because we wanted to stay an extra night. This was our last dinner at the campground, and Michael was able to join us!

How cool it was to run into the Williams family at Lego Land! Here is Mr Drew and his mom Liz with four of the six kids willing to go on the ride.

The boys loved playing in the water area at LeogLand.

You can see the big boy loved it as much as the little ones.

Here is Wyatt watching his dad, brothers and Michael on the roller coaster. Wyatt just did not want to try some of the rides and hung out with me instead.

My little farmers going through the Lego vegetable patch.

More rides and fun.

Ah. LEGOS. That is what this place is all about, right?

I love this picture! A perfect picture of little people happiness.

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