Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cali Day 3 & 4

On day 3, it was all about a day at the beach. From sun up to sun down we spent the day playing in the sand. I took advantage of the exercise up and down the 130 steps and offered to go back for snacks, lunch, and again to get the laundry done in between. Eventually I was able to go up without feeling like I was going to drop 2/3rds of the way from the top.

The whole rock side of the beach was full of these squirrels. They have the life, I tell you. All day long, they are snatching food from random camp and beach sites, then go back into the shaded areas and relax to the sounds of the surf.

It was a great lazy day of much rest and fun. Jaxon gets the chills easily and he just laid under the towels in the sun for about an hour while his brothers played.

Lucas and Don built some sand castles. Here you can see Lucas destroying them with his excavator.

We have to take at least one picture of ourselves :)

The boys would love to run up to Don and egg him on until he would chase them. They are so fortunate to have such a happy father. He makes our life so much fun.

A video of the boys and Don.

Day 4

This was also a very lazy day. Somewhat through the morning, I remembered we had a swing in the camper. Don didn't think we had one, then he thought there was no where to hang it and I was set for the challenge of figuring it out myself.

Luckily we had no neighbors and hung the swing in between our site and the one next to us. The boys were finally the right size to be able to get up on it themselves, so they swung like little monkeys.

Later in the afternoon we were able to meet up with the kids! We hadn't seen them in over a year, but love knows no time restraints.

Matthew had gotten bigger and I would have never thought possible, but even more handsome! The kids all played chase when we got there and I heard Matthew tell the boys that they freak him out, but within minutes he had gotten his bearings and held his own. He is so much fun and such a great kid!

Giving the game of chase a break, we all sat and played Uno for a bit.

Michael is same ole awesome Michael. He is so loving and kind, and the kids all look up to him since he is the oldest. My boys laugh at everything Michael says. No words can be found for me to define Michael. He is just beyond awesome.

Ms Cathryn had really grown up. She seemed more comfortable in her skin, which I remember was hard at that age. The boys couldn't get enough of her, and she has so much patience with them. It is fun having a girl around the mix of boys, she is a perfect fit!

My face hurt from smiling so much that evening. It had been so long since we had been able to see the kids, but everything fell right back into place. I love how family is easy like that.

What an awesome day!

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