Friday, June 25, 2010

California May 2010

Part One

A few months ago, we got online and made some summer camping reservations. California was our main goal. We wanted to hit the beach as much as possible, as long as possible. Our first trip was mid May to San Elijo State Park.

After getting a super late start due to issues with the wiring harness and our jeep, we pulled in our camping spot with only a few hours to spare before it was going to get dark. We had never been to this campground before, so we were not sure what to expect of the area.

The boys playing while camp was being set up.

Immediately, we were thrilled. The view from the campsite was beyond beautiful and since it was mid week in May, there weren't many other campers so we had privacy as well.

The whole campground was up on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Every night we fell asleep to the sound of crashing waves about 150 feet below us. Since the beach was so far below, there was a stairway of 130 steps to the side of our site.

We put dinner on and decided to explore around the beach. Once we got to the bottom, this was what we saw.

We soaked up the view while Jaxon and Wyatt jumped over incoming waves. Lucas is usually slower to warm up to the water and took a bigger interest in climbing the giant rocks.

The whole beach was deserted, so the boys did some extra exploring.

After wandering along the beach, it was time to have a camping dinner of meat and potatoes over the fire.

Besides the crazy wind that kept me awake most of the night in fear of our camper being blown over, the day was a success!

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Andrea said...

GREAT family picture and great one of the boys on the boardwalk. Wow- they are all just terrific!