Saturday, September 27, 2008


I spent most of last weekend sewing with my mom. We have a lot more to be done, but it is really hard with the boys being underfoot. This weekend we decided to take a break and sew all day Friday instead.

As soon as the boys laid down on Nana's bed to watch a movie (aka nap), we started sewing and ironing. About 2-3 hours later, they were up and Don was off work, so he took them to the mall.

Once he got back, they decided to go watch Ed's baseball team play at a park right by my mom's house. Don said the boys loved watching the game. Jaxon first asked Don if they were playing basketball. Jax thinks every sport is basketball. So Don explained that it was baseball. "They play with a ball and see all those squares they are running to and standing on? Those are bases. So this game is baseball." To which Jaxon nodded and responded, "Wow, I like watching basketball, Daddy!".

Later in the evening, my mom and I were able to join them at the game. When the game was over, Ed and Don gave the boys a quick lesson in baseball. Don would hold the bat behind whoever was batting and Ed was bravely helping the boys learn how to throw. The boys loved running the bases. Luke kept ending up sitting on the dirt and Don pointed out that he was actually trying to slide!

They were definitely all boy while they were out there. They really seemed to get a kick out of playing just like the big kids they saw only moments before. What a fun evening!

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