Friday, September 26, 2008

Luke Cooks!

After a week of patiently waiting, Luke finally had his turn at cooking class. He was so proud to wear the apron and chef hat this am, he was dressed and ready to go a good ten minutes before I was. I had even more time to spare, but felt guilty knowing he was so excited about leaving.

Today we made rice crispy treats. Luke loved the opportunity to wash his hands as often as he wanted and probably spent an equal amount of time in front of the sink as he did on his stool mixing ingredients together. He did not seem to care for all the butter needed to put on his hands so the marshmallows don't stick, but he loved being allowed to taste the ingredients as they went in the bowl.

Coming home was adorable. He greeted Jax with a hug for once (usually Jax is the hugger) and the boys were so excited to see what "special treat" Luke had made for them. Everyone couldn't sit at the table fast enough. Luke was like Jaxon, asking what everyone thought and even asked Nana, "Is that good, Nana?".

When Don got home from work today, Lucas was the only one awake from their naps. I put out two paper plates with the rice crispy treats on them and he and Luke sat down and ate their snack. It was so obvious how much Luke loved sharing his treat with his daddy. A precious moment to remember for sure.

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