Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Someone is in TROUBLE

Yesterday I was here, only 10 feet away from the boys room when I heard one of the boys talk about someone making a mess. Figuring they emptied their book cube, I wasn't too concerned. I finished posting my things on Craigslist and decided it was snack time. As I walked to the boys room, this is what greeted me.

The pictures do not do this mess justice. You are looking at 84 shirts and 24 pairs of shorts. With random amounts of underwear and undershirts thrown in for good measure.

To put it mildly I was "ooh ooh MAD" (any Barney watcher's recognize the phrase?). Wyatt and Jaxon blamed each other and Luke hid in the other room until things quieted down. Eventually the boys helped me put it away, watching me with big eyes hoping my head wouldn't explode right there in front of them. This is on the tails of writing with pen on my bathroom counter.

We honestly thought we were lucky and the stage of doing these things were long gone. We thought we cruised past it with no incidents. Ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, looks very familiar. We have this in our house too. I was hoping these phases past, but at 5 and almost 4 I'm still walking into them and yes I know all about the ooh, ooh, mad.
Thanks for sharing, it makes me happy to see that it's not just my kids!

Love you!

a portland granny said...

Oh my! Those boys did have a good time!! One of the reasons I love reading the blogs with children, is that almost each post about the children, reminds me of something i experienced with one or more of my kids. It is funny, that time doesn't erase some of these memories.

Your boys look like such angels! Kids just do about anything that comes to mind, don't they? Glad you had the nice get-a -way with your husband--I think you needed that after getting all the clothes put back.

My dear, ...........this too, shall pass!